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Communicating With Spirits:

This is another controversial topic.
Q. Can we communicate with spirits?
A. If the answer is Yes, then the question becomes:
Q. Should We Communicate with Spirits?
A. Now the answer will depend on who you’re asking.
Q. How do we communicate with spirits?
A. It seems spirits have been communicating with the living long before our time sometimes without the living even trying. And in some cases, we among the living have attempted to communicate with them by using seances, ouiga boards, divining tools and even hypnotism.
Q. Is it safe to communicate with the dead?
A. In my opinion, that answer can be both yes & no. A lot will depend on your religion & personal comfort level pertaining to life & death. The consequences far out number the possibilities of what can happen when the living attempt communication, & without question negative results may ensue, hence this is a very individualized answer.
But for sake of what WE DO at Paranormal Spectrum we feel that the digital voice recorder, the EMF detector, and video camera are great devices to use, allowing us access to communicate with spirits. For some of us on a personal level, we attempt communicating with non scientific tools as well.
However, this part of the website comes with a warning.
Proceed with caution when entering any supposed haunted location.
On a physical level, and a spiritual level, there are consequences.


Psychics and The Paranormal

Psychics & the Paranormal:
While we believe that most if not all people, have meta-senses, or sixth senses, the average person does not train themselves & learn to use these gifts. Many investigators of the spirit-world claim to have psychic abilities. It is up to the group or the individual to employ the use of psychics/mediums/sensitives. It also appears that as most investigators journey into this realm of study they attain a higher level of awareness, either unconsciously or deliberately. I see it happen a lot. There is a common theory that “psychic tendencies” increase during new & full moons. As a paranormal investigator – or as a group researching haunted places, your sensitivity to perceived paranormal phenomena may increase during peak geomagnetic times/moon phases.It would be worth testing the theory by re-visiting locations you are familiar with & compare the results, compare YOUR sensitivity to any paranormal event against the moon phases.