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Communicating With Spirits:

This is another controversial topic.
Q. Can we communicate with spirits?
A. If the answer is Yes, then the question becomes:
Q. Should We Communicate with Spirits?
A. Now the answer will depend on who you’re asking.
Q. How do we communicate with spirits?
A. It seems spirits have been communicating with the living long before our time sometimes without the living even trying. And in some cases, we among the living have attempted to communicate with them by using seances, ouiga boards, divining tools and even hypnotism.
Q. Is it safe to communicate with the dead?
A. In my opinion, that answer can be both yes & no. A lot will depend on your religion & personal comfort level pertaining to life & death. The consequences far out number the possibilities of what can happen when the living attempt communication, & without question negative results may ensue, hence this is a very individualized answer.
But for sake of what WE DO at Paranormal Spectrum we feel that the digital voice recorder, the EMF detector, and video camera are great devices to use, allowing us access to communicate with spirits. For some of us on a personal level, we attempt communicating with non scientific tools as well.
However, this part of the website comes with a warning.
Proceed with caution when entering any supposed haunted location.
On a physical level, and a spiritual level, there are consequences.


This old debilitated tuberculosis hospital is touted as one of the most haunted locations in the South. Almost every paranormal enthusiast has visited-or plans to visit Waverly Hills in Louisville, KY. We at Paranormal Spectrum.com are no different.
Practically obscured by trees, sitting majestically atop a hill now surrounded by distant housing new development, it encompasses approx 29 acres. With more than 6,000 documented deaths, if this place “isn’t haunted – no place is.” Fenced & surveyed by cameras it is nearly impossible to get inside without permission. So don’t attempt it. Besides, we were told that one group who entered that way has an amazing story of their own to tell as they tried to chop through a metal door to escape the haunting inside. One of our photographs on our main website shows the axe marks. We have details on the stories inside the old hospital on our Haunted Places page at http://www.ParanormalSpectrum.com.
The legendary “body chute” is a sight to behold, more than 500 ft of descent into the ground where bodies where whisked away so the patients couldn’t see the corpses, leaving at the rate of 1 body per hour.
Then of course there’s Room 502 where a pregnant nurse hung herself. Our guide explained that this area of the building has the ability to bring on feelings of depression,complete with thoughts of suicide. One of our members was “touched” by phantom fingers near the doorway to 502.
But our favorite floor was the 4th floor, where shadow people and an evil entity threaten to leave a lasting impression that spirits do exist. One tour guide says he was attacked by enseen forces on this floor.
Lastly, we were charmed by the spirit of a young child known as “Timmy”, who likes to play ball or hide and seek. In one of our pictures there seems to be a child on a ledge, could it be Timmy? In the photo can you see the shape of a kneeling child? (Thank you Debbie, for taking this amazing photo. You captured a lot if interesting images.) See Debbie’s photo album on the Photo Gallery page of our main website.
Current owners of the sanatorium graciously offer tours for all budgets. We enjoyed our tour, even though we have a few complaints such as they intro felt like a circus show and was purely intended to instill fright, the whole tour could be improved upon.
We had several experiences at Waverly Hills, so visit our main webiste and see the Haunted Places page. http://www.paranormalspectrum.com

Can’t get enough of Waverly Hills Sanatorium? Why not check out this DVD which gets great customer reviews. Goes beyond the boring documentaries. Spooked The Ghosts Of Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Spirit Orbs

I know there is a huge debate about orbs in pictures and video. But we have experienced floating orbs in a couple of different reputed haunted locations that seemingly respond to our questioning. We did “dust” and “moisture” and “insect tests” to try to duplicate the phenomena and have been unable to replicate it exactly. We truly feel we have “spirit” orbs in a couple of upcoming videos. We post the link here soon.

Just a quick note, I am working on many different things. Researching local haunted locations & legends. Promoting my book. Jazzing up my website http://www.paranormalspectrum.com. I am getting more and more hits on that site and many people have contacted me to share their experience. I am also dedicating a wordpress page to each haunted site we’ve checked out – except private residents who want to stay anonymous.

Ghost Stories.

I grew up listening to old fashioned southern ghost stories. It may explain my fascination with paranormal events. I have been writing a small collection of ghost stories for many months now. I can safely say that the ones I have written have not been published before, since most of the stories were handed down from family members, from the late eighteenth century through the early part of the twentieth century. Most of the stories are based on truth and the events either happened to a family member or one of their neighbors or friends, therefore I believe they are unlikley to have reached print. Not that I can find, anyway. I have researched Southern, and Appalachian ghost tales by visiting libraries and book stores, I feel comfortable that my short ghost stories are original. I am now facing a dilemma. I can submit the manuscript for publishing, but I wonder, should I self publish? I am mostly interested in sharing the book with family and friends, while offering it to the folks who visit my paranormal website. I am interested in becoming a published author, of course I am, but not yet. Although I have written most of my life, since second grade, I also had a 15 year writer’s block… or 15 years of working and raising a family. In other words, too busy, too tired, too drained from working 2 jobs most of the time and therefore I really did not have time, nor energy to write. Hence, I have become rather rusty. Regardless, I continue to write, it is most therapeutic for me. It is something I love, and the subject is very close to my heart, as I have been tracking ghost stories since August of 2009 locally, but most importantly, I have listened to ghost stories my entire life.

For years, horrible rumors have circulated about Lakeshore Mental Asylum. The original building burned in the 1920’s. It was here that many atrocities are said to have taken place, including shocking abuse of patients. A newer facility exists today, which is the subject of our photos. However, there are dozens of tales of sadistic workers beating and abusing patients on into the 1960’s. This would have to involve the present day facility in that case. Tales circulate that you can still hear the screams of abused patients as they were beaten, and there are sounds of chains and shackles being thrown around, there is even the legend of an evil entity that resides there today. I am assuming it lives in/around the old building. Like so many abandoned or ruined buildings, the original structure’s burned remains were used for satanic rituals. That is my reasoning as to why it must mean the old structure. We didn’t feel any presence, or sense anything “menacing” the day we looked for the original structure. However, as our pictures depict, there was an ominous thunder cloud that hovered in the atmosphere as we found a location where a building of unknown origin once stood, and it is there that the presence of the approaching storm makes for a very “eerie” picture. The clouds moved away, and it never so much as rained. Most interesting though, of the new mental facility, there is a shape in the lower left corner, a hovering, white shape with some translucency, that I didn’t find until I thoroughly went through our pictures. I don’t have an answer for this shape. *(Until now. This portion of the blog has been updated as an employee informed me the “white shape” is the reflection of a dry erase board on the opposing wall. Thanks for helping us clarify the image. )
I really want to find the burned remains of the old structure. Problem is, so many different reports of the location. A side note: There was an underground movie made about these events entitled Saint Lucifer’s. You can see a video and more pictures on my website http:www.paranormalspectrum.com

Haunt in Red Ash

What is this inhuman shape?

What is this inhuman shape?




Let me say this, that 8-10 mile stretch of road is scary in the dark. I tried at least 5 times to get out of the car and take video and pictures, and it sounded like  limbs were breaking, like someone was throwing sticks at the car as we drove, I also heard howling/moaning at one point,  just every kind of scary noise I could imagine. So needless to say, I wasn’t outside of the car much, except around the rail road tracks, which is just a cool spot, and the very tall train bridge is really a picture in itself, too bad those pics didn’t show up well. And that’s the other  thing. I had almost 45 minutes of video and due to lack of lighting, it was almost impossible to see anything. (Simply put, I need more/better equipment.)  However, I got some pretty cool stuff anyway. I was fascinated by a light orb at the train bridge. It was NOT a plane. I watched it while I snapped photo’s and it came out very clear so I was pleased with that. I saw a ton of orbs that appeared to be due to dust and moisture around the coal towers, so I dismissed those. But there is a very creepy sound in our video at the towers, so I used some of the video for my youtube presentation just for the sound effects.

Then, we caught a mysterious form on a picture in the woods. I can’t explain it, but it looks almost inhuman, and blends well with the foliage. So I zoomed in on it, brightened the photo and put it up for you to see. I also put a black and white version up at the very end of the video, and that is when the shape really stands out. (Oddly enough, this photo is 2666 on our camera. Don’t like that association.)

I have to say, there are so many mysterious things out there in Red Ash. I do not like being out there at night, but will probably return. I must visit that cemetery if I ever get the directions.  (My kids want to see the ghost train and the goat man, so we will return again.) I don’t believe in the goat man btw, but since the train tracks are open again, we heard a train that was parked on the tracks while  there.  Strange thing is, it never moved. But in one part of the video too dark to see anything, it sounds like a train in motion…

Also, at the end of the road, as we were exiting the ash, my husband thought he saw blue, hovering lights… I hadn’t told him I had read about those same lights on the net. I thought I saw one, just after he said that, but it was fast and transparent, it could have been my imagination.

I hope you enjoy the video I have shared.  If you have had a paranormal experience out there, or anywhere else for that matter, please share it.



For some references on the hauntings in Red Ash:


My Ouiga Board Experience

I now realize that the “haunted house” I lived in from ages 14-17 might have been haunted by my own device. However, as the story goes, the house had burned and 2 had died there. It was built back on the same foundation and many of the same bricks were used in the construction. So it is feasible to me that it was haunted. But now that I resume studying the paranormal, many years later, much has been discovered, and perhaps there is a logical explanation. Maybe it was me.

But, I didn’t know then what I do now. In fact, in an effort to determine what was haunting the place, a friend brought her Ouiga Board over.  Three of us teenage girls gathered around and asked a lot of questions. I still believe the owner of the board supplied the answers, as it all seemed to be very generic, about the fire, about the owner, “public knowledge” kind of stuff. The only thing the Ouiga Board spelled out that even made me uncomfortable was it told us to “get out!”. Several times it stated that. So we quit playing with it and she took it home.

Or, so we thought. She called me 2 days later and asked if I had the board.  I didn’t have it, I saw her take it with her when she left.  Our friend saw her take it. I invited them back to help me search the house since she was almost panic stricken about it, and the next day they came home with me after school and we searched everywhere. It was, in fact, under my bed. I did not put it there, though the evidence looked pretty incriminating.  Fortunately, she wasn’t angry or even accusatory, she was convinced we had a ghost and it had taken the board. Myself, I was convinced she  left it there to mess with me. In either event, no hard feelings.

Indeed, it seemed after the Ouiga Board experiment, our ghost(s) grew bolder. In time, my own mother decided we needed intervention. So she hired a Medium. (That is a story unto itself.)

The Medium indicated that there were 3 spirits haunting our place. 2 of which had lived there prior, and 1 who had been “invited”. I always felt guilty that maybe I had unintentionally invited it with the Ouiga Board, or even the witchcraft book I had in my room. The third spirit was a “dark” spirit, and very angry, and was actually not accepted by the other 2… This info from the Medium.  The 3rd spirit was also using the “portal” in one of our bedrooms to pass back and forth from our world to the after world, and could possibly bring others. The Medium attempted to close the portal that night, and cleanse our house of the spirits. But I never bought this idealology. There was never peace in that house. It was never quiet, it was never welcoming, it was never a real home. I was relieved when we moved. (Though this can be misleading, because even I sense that I had a fondness for  the place. )

The haunts didn’t follow us to our next residence. I’m not sure if it was inspired by me, or was haunted before/after my family came/left.  There are so many things that happened that  I simply do not have an explanation for. I will never have the answers. I may always be plagued with questions.  Until we used the Ouiga Board,  the noises and events in that house seemed non threatening. So it bothered me very much that the Ouiga told us to get out. But maybe, it was our resident spirits that told the new “darker” spirit to get out as it was entering through this portal the Ouiga Board may have created. That is just a thought that occurred to me much later, as I have tried most of my life to rationalize the happenings in that house.

Well, I did learn one very important thing. Do NOT play with Ouiga Boards. I think it IS possible to invite unwanted guests.

BTW: The house was dark paneling inside, always cold, and had a gloomy feel to it from the beginning. But after that night with my friends, there was a negative feeling within. A very depressing, negative aura. My friends loved that house. Many were afraid to enter. But just as many made a fuss about it and wanted to come inside. We had fun with it, but at the same time, it wasn’t a happy place to be. After we moved out I always wondered if anyone else who had lived there had any unexplained happenings of their own. But I never heard any more about it. One day I hope to go back and poke around and ask questions.