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It’s finally available! I have been talking about it for a long while. It took years to complete but it is available now. Titled Chasing Ghost Tales in Tennessee. Our experiences (or experiences of others) as we’ve researched some of Tennessee’s most haunted locations. Search for the title or my name – Author: Tammy J. Poore – online at Amazon, or buy through my e-store linked here https://www.createspace.com/3781502. You will read about: Tales and encounters from Knoxville, Caryville, Alcoa, Oak Ridge, Harriman and Chattanooga.  $10 for the book.


Haunted Tennssee Hotel!
The Read House Hotel – Chattanooga, TN
Room 311

We spent the night in infamous room 311 in 2009, at The Read House Hotel, Sheraton Inn, Chattanooga, TN. The visit there may have been the inspiration for this website. It is said that guests have left in the middle of the night upon being disturbed by a female ghost. Was it the prostitute killed in the bathroom, practically beheaded by a civil war soldier in the late 1800’s? Or could it be Analise Wetterly? Brought to the room in the late 30’s by a gentleman friend who broke her heart after claims of an affair? Did Analisa take her own life in that same room or was she murdered? There is much history and death surrounding this great hotel; it was once used as a hospital for wounded soldiers, so there is a definite possibility that some guests have checked in, but never checked out.
Part of the original structure burned and has been rebuilt. Paranormal enthusiasts know that even fire can’t rid a location of its permanent residents. We have prepared a video, and many pictures that revealed mysterious images in mirrors and one possible EVP which can be found on our main website http://www.paranormalspectrum.com. It is our belief that there are several spirits residing in the old part of this hotel.

Back on October 16, 2010 I did an interview with Craig Anderson of Our History Project. Tis the season – afterall, as we approach Halloween, to talk about ghosts. Considering that fact that I am an author of a book of short ghost tales and southern superstition, PLUS I am an avid paranormal researcher, is it any wonder that Craig and I spent more than half an hour discussing ghosts, urban legends, southern superstition as well as ghost hunting and the research involved in studying the paranormal? If you would like to have a listen, grab some popcorn, or a snack, pull up an easy chair and plug in to our audio interview. You can find it on http://www.ourhistoryproject.com, look for my name Tammy Poore, or my book’s title Ghost Tales & Superstitions of Southern Appalachian Mountains. Or, visit my paranormal website http://www.paranormalspectrum.com- the interview will be available there as well.

Meeting New Ghost Hunters in TN

My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed researching the paranormal. We have made many friends who have the same passion for wanting to know more about what happens after death; what if anything can spirits do – providing you believe that spirits do exist. Though we are paranormal researchers I am unsure if we are Ghost Hunters, (using the term generically, not as in the tv series) but we have met many interesting people and I guess the best way to describe the groups are active “ghost hunters”! We all have the same goal, to find out if there are spirits here, or if every mysterious encounter with a possible “ghost” can be rationally explained. Everyone I speak with in this field of research plainly states, “We’ve seen things we just can’t explain.”
Hmmmm. Even with the gadgets and tools that “science” accepts as instruments that may verify a paranormal happening, we still can’t explain some of the phenomena.
Join me and my husband and friends as we research Knoxville, TN and the surrounding counties to see if indeed ghosts do exist. Our website is http://www.paranormalspectrum.com
You may find yourself wondering if that bump in the night is your own little Casper.

Spirit Orbs

I know there is a huge debate about orbs in pictures and video. But we have experienced floating orbs in a couple of different reputed haunted locations that seemingly respond to our questioning. We did “dust” and “moisture” and “insect tests” to try to duplicate the phenomena and have been unable to replicate it exactly. We truly feel we have “spirit” orbs in a couple of upcoming videos. We post the link here soon.

Haunt in Red Ash seems to be getting quiet a few views, so I will link it here.

Ghost Stories.

I grew up listening to old fashioned southern ghost stories. It may explain my fascination with paranormal events. I have been writing a small collection of ghost stories for many months now. I can safely say that the ones I have written have not been published before, since most of the stories were handed down from family members, from the late eighteenth century through the early part of the twentieth century. Most of the stories are based on truth and the events either happened to a family member or one of their neighbors or friends, therefore I believe they are unlikley to have reached print. Not that I can find, anyway. I have researched Southern, and Appalachian ghost tales by visiting libraries and book stores, I feel comfortable that my short ghost stories are original. I am now facing a dilemma. I can submit the manuscript for publishing, but I wonder, should I self publish? I am mostly interested in sharing the book with family and friends, while offering it to the folks who visit my paranormal website. I am interested in becoming a published author, of course I am, but not yet. Although I have written most of my life, since second grade, I also had a 15 year writer’s block… or 15 years of working and raising a family. In other words, too busy, too tired, too drained from working 2 jobs most of the time and therefore I really did not have time, nor energy to write. Hence, I have become rather rusty. Regardless, I continue to write, it is most therapeutic for me. It is something I love, and the subject is very close to my heart, as I have been tracking ghost stories since August of 2009 locally, but most importantly, I have listened to ghost stories my entire life.

For years, horrible rumors have circulated about Lakeshore Mental Asylum. The original building burned in the 1920’s. It was here that many atrocities are said to have taken place, including shocking abuse of patients. A newer facility exists today, which is the subject of our photos. However, there are dozens of tales of sadistic workers beating and abusing patients on into the 1960’s. This would have to involve the present day facility in that case. Tales circulate that you can still hear the screams of abused patients as they were beaten, and there are sounds of chains and shackles being thrown around, there is even the legend of an evil entity that resides there today. I am assuming it lives in/around the old building. Like so many abandoned or ruined buildings, the original structure’s burned remains were used for satanic rituals. That is my reasoning as to why it must mean the old structure. We didn’t feel any presence, or sense anything “menacing” the day we looked for the original structure. However, as our pictures depict, there was an ominous thunder cloud that hovered in the atmosphere as we found a location where a building of unknown origin once stood, and it is there that the presence of the approaching storm makes for a very “eerie” picture. The clouds moved away, and it never so much as rained. Most interesting though, of the new mental facility, there is a shape in the lower left corner, a hovering, white shape with some translucency, that I didn’t find until I thoroughly went through our pictures. I don’t have an answer for this shape. *(Until now. This portion of the blog has been updated as an employee informed me the “white shape” is the reflection of a dry erase board on the opposing wall. Thanks for helping us clarify the image. )
I really want to find the burned remains of the old structure. Problem is, so many different reports of the location. A side note: There was an underground movie made about these events entitled Saint Lucifer’s. You can see a video and more pictures on my website http:www.paranormalspectrum.com

I am very excited that the website I have been working on is finally published. Though in it’s infancy, I am proud of the humble beginnings. My goal is to share with others with similar interests my experiences, investigations and stories surrounding the paranormal and spirtitual miracles that surround us. I am most interested in the Southeast USA, especially my home state of Tennessee and the stories and possible hauntings located therein. Now I can post my videos on YouTube and link to my website. So check it out http://www.paranormalspectrum.com
And thanks so much for taking an interest.

Paranormal Tennessee

I was born and raised in East Tennessee, and without a doubt, the Volunteer State is a spiritual state. There are churches on almost every road, sometimes multiple denominations within yards of each other. I also grew up listening to the ghost tales, and stories of miracles. I have always loved a spooky story, and especially those touched by goodness. So I have started a compilation of stories that I have collected over my lifetime. I have also been very busy working on a website that will be published soon. I hope you will keep checking back, I have many videos and blogs due out, since we have at least half a dozen paranormal investigations to share. Keep returning to this blog, and please feel free to comment. Thanks, Tama