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What To Expect from Our Investigation:

1. You will complete a questionnaire which will be confidential.
2. We may do a preliminary walk-thru prior to investigating- to determine urgency & plan our itinerary. This could last 1 hour +/-.
3. We’ll schedule the investigation to accomodate your schedule & ours. The questionnaire you complete helps us identify the time of day/night that would best suit the situation.
4. Most investigations require 3-4 hours. We can accomodate up to a 6 hour investigation if needed.
5. We all sign a liability waiver including the owner/resident/ contact person; each person is liable for their own actions & risk. We sign a confidentiality form prior to the investigation.
6. We request that no children be present. We would never want to alarm a child.
7. We also request that only the person(s) who owns the house (or has authority to allow us to investigate) be present at the time of our investigation. Please do not invite guests. Too many people will impede our efforts to help determine the level of a haunting. We understand you may be excited & want friends or family members to see what happens, when we return to share the evidence with you that would be a better time for your guests, friends & family to see what we’ve found.
8. Our investigations are mostly quiet & low key. How can we hear or see something faint & quick with too much distraction? If you plan to be present while we investigate please stay calm & quiet.
9. We do take photographs, audio & video recordings. We will keep your identity & location confidential (some businesses may want the exposure.) We respect your right to privacy.
10. We may use some of your evidence in a public forum only with permission & only the name of the city & state will be used. We will not use identifying pictures or video unless you request it.
11. We do NOT use Ouija boards, but we DO speak out to the spirit world.
12. We do not go into an investigation with a bad or negative attitude nor do we provoke any spirits. We respect you, your home & any residing spirits that may linger.
13. We can not get rid of demons. You will need clergy for that. We should be able to identify the level of activity from your questionnaire. If you have a demonic entity when we arrive we will get a feeling for the negative presence & will NOT proceed to investigate, we will refer you to proper help.
Remember: a negative atmosphere attracts negative energies, you have much control over your environment. We all do.
14. Each member of our group says a prayer of protection prior to & after an investigation. We strive to bring positive energy with us. We want your experience with us to be positive, too.
15. We will return to your location to share the evidence. within 4 weeks +/- . You will receive a CD or DVD (you choose the format) with pictures/video and/or EVP’s that we deem to be evidence or that readily explains the phenomena we captured. This would be a good time to invite guests if you want to share this experience.
Note: Reviewing evidence can take hours/days or weeks. This depends on our caseload & the level of paranormal activity at your location. We may return within 7-10 days, but please allow 4 weeks. We will contact you to schedule a time to return with your evidence & give you a CD or DVD to keep.


The ORB Debate:

This is a touchy subject. Be prepared to get into a heated debate when you embark on this subject. I, for one, feel it would be silly to completely dismiss “orbs” when regarding the paranormal.
As defined in Merriam Webster Dictionary: an orb is
1 : any of the concentric spheres in old astronomy surrounding the earth and carrying the celestial bodies in their revolutions.
2: archaic : something circular : circle, orbit
3 : a spherical body; especially : a spherical celestial object.

It is the “celestial object” or “spherical body” that many people believe some orbs represent. We have three videos where we challenge the “orb debate” against “insects”, against “moisture” & “dust”. To see our results visit our Video Page on http://www.ParanormalSpectrum.com.
Skeptics say that “orbs” or “spherical objects” in pictures and/or video are “dust particles, insects, moisture droplets, lens flares”. The list goes on and on. Most of the time orbs can be identified this way. Yet many people who have been affected by ghostly activity can attest to the fact that in many instances orbs, globular lights or ghost lights have been present. Until we have definite answers we will continue to explore. Most of our team members try to identify what caused an “orb” in our pictures & videos. We do not dismiss all “orbs”.
The suggestion that “orbs” are small balls of energy from spirits trying to manifest or when spirit energy is nearby needs to be researched more thoroughly. The “orb” itself may not be the spiritual body of a ghost, it may result from the energy surrounding it. “Orbs” can be photographed in many different shapes & colors. In fact, these patterns & colors can help identify false anomalies.
Remember: Orb shapes can result from pollen, bugs, rain, dust & reflective objects. The burden of correctly identifying them is upon the paranormal investigator. Dust & pollen are present everywhere. Even in the most dusty environments “orbs” are not captured consistently, therefore why do we only capture orbs sometimes even though dust & pollen are present at all times?
When an orb is dust or pollen you will usually have a lot of flat, pale gray orbs in your pictures. Pale gray is usually the color of dust orbs. Usually infrared doesn’t capture dust orbs & many believe that the higher resolution cameras produce fewer false orbs. Also, orbs produced from pollen usually have 3 or more points on a round shape.
Moisture orbs are usually solid in appearance & seem to have a “sudsy” or “rainbow” effect around the edges. Investigators value our equipment & avoid getting it wet unless it’s water proof, but after the rain or in moist enviroment we must be aware that moisture droplets can create false orbs. The key is to learn to identify moisture orbs.
Insect Orbs are the easiest to identify in my opinion. They are almost always intensely bright and always misshapen. You can easily zoom upon the orb & see wings, antenna or even legs sprouting from the shape.
When is an orb a paranormal phenomenon?
The fact is, our research suggests that spirits may indeed manifest as brief glimpses of light & sometimes orbs appear near spirit activity. To be conclusive, other paranormal phenomenon should be present to substantiate the claim that an orb was produced from a spirit or ghost. At the same time all environmental factors need to be identified & considered. Are all the orbs in photographs proof that spirits exist? Are all orbs created from environmental debris & lens flares? The answers to both questions is a profound NO.

This old debilitated tuberculosis hospital is touted as one of the most haunted locations in the South. Almost every paranormal enthusiast has visited-or plans to visit Waverly Hills in Louisville, KY. We at Paranormal Spectrum.com are no different.
Practically obscured by trees, sitting majestically atop a hill now surrounded by distant housing new development, it encompasses approx 29 acres. With more than 6,000 documented deaths, if this place “isn’t haunted – no place is.” Fenced & surveyed by cameras it is nearly impossible to get inside without permission. So don’t attempt it. Besides, we were told that one group who entered that way has an amazing story of their own to tell as they tried to chop through a metal door to escape the haunting inside. One of our photographs on our main website shows the axe marks. We have details on the stories inside the old hospital on our Haunted Places page at http://www.ParanormalSpectrum.com.
The legendary “body chute” is a sight to behold, more than 500 ft of descent into the ground where bodies where whisked away so the patients couldn’t see the corpses, leaving at the rate of 1 body per hour.
Then of course there’s Room 502 where a pregnant nurse hung herself. Our guide explained that this area of the building has the ability to bring on feelings of depression,complete with thoughts of suicide. One of our members was “touched” by phantom fingers near the doorway to 502.
But our favorite floor was the 4th floor, where shadow people and an evil entity threaten to leave a lasting impression that spirits do exist. One tour guide says he was attacked by enseen forces on this floor.
Lastly, we were charmed by the spirit of a young child known as “Timmy”, who likes to play ball or hide and seek. In one of our pictures there seems to be a child on a ledge, could it be Timmy? In the photo can you see the shape of a kneeling child? (Thank you Debbie, for taking this amazing photo. You captured a lot if interesting images.) See Debbie’s photo album on the Photo Gallery page of our main website.
Current owners of the sanatorium graciously offer tours for all budgets. We enjoyed our tour, even though we have a few complaints such as they intro felt like a circus show and was purely intended to instill fright, the whole tour could be improved upon.
We had several experiences at Waverly Hills, so visit our main webiste and see the Haunted Places page. http://www.paranormalspectrum.com

Can’t get enough of Waverly Hills Sanatorium? Why not check out this DVD which gets great customer reviews. Goes beyond the boring documentaries. Spooked The Ghosts Of Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Moon Phases: Could moon phases help with our desire to seek spiritual connections?
The Moon is thought to have considerable effect on life especially as it relates to humans. It is also thought to effect paranormal activity. That may seem like a supernatural idea or mysticism, yet it may be more scientific then you think. Considering our bodies are largely made up of water, the idea isn’t so far fetched. We can see the Lunar Effects on the Tides here on Earth and how powerful they are; could there be such influences on the spiritual level? This is an area we would like to explore.
One such book that may shed some light on this topic:
Phases of the Moon (Patterns in Nature series) We will have more input and future articles on this subject as we test the possibility and how/if the moon has any effect on our research into the paranormal.

We visited the Old Hotel site, popular in the 1920’s, located off of Bluff Mountain Rd in Sevierville, TN. Anyone who has ever driven that mountain road knows it is narrow and steep and can make you worry a little bit about your safety if another car is driving in the opposing direction. A quick note: We have driven to the top of the mountain road before it was paved, and that was a nerve racking experience. This location is rich with history. The old hotel is gone now, long since burned and removed. The bluffs were once used as a look out for the Continental army, as they watched the Indians travel the trade route. There was once a small post on this site, it too is gone, but do the spirits of the countless men who were slaughtered in their sleep still haunt this area? Many have reported seeing apparitions, hearing voices and feeling overcome with dread. Somewhere a few hundred feet off of one of the trails is an old graveyard, probably dates back to the early 1800’s or before, but we could not find it. Our video is posted on website http://www.paranormalspectrum.com look under the Investigations tab. You really will enjoy the majestic beauty of the overlook.

Bell Witch Cave – Adams TN

I waited for months to finally see the legendary Bell Witch Cave. Was it worth the wait? The cave itself is worth the wait, and the drive, it took us 4 hours to get there. The story is great, if you want to check it here at this link,The Bell Witch: An American Haunting and yes I did buy the book. Back to our visit. Did I experience anything supernatural? Possibly. I put a video up on Youtube, so you can see the “mist”, and the faces that seem to come right out of the rock formations. We heard deep voices from within the cave at the beginning of the tour, I thought it might be from another tour, but they only run one through at a time. The cave is rather small, so there was no way anyone could have been at the back and get by our group to exit without us knowing. Also, my daughter looked up in one of the crevices  that lead to a second level, and thought she saw an old woman’s face. As for me, at the very end of the tour, as we came back to the room with the indian’s grave, I saw a hovering, spiraling mist, that wasn’t white, almost a muddy shade, and I watched as it swirled approx  1 1/2 ft off the ground, and was approx 3-4 ft tall. I thought at first it was a dust plume, but then realized this is a very wet cave, there was no dust, and furthermore it hovered and irrigated as I stared. As I reached out to tap my son and show him, it remained there for more than a solid 45 seconds, and he saw it, too. In my confidence that it was something indeed worthy of attention I announced, “What is that? Is it a mist?” And then called for the remaining group, as I averted my eyes to motion for  our group to look in that direction, I glanced back and it was rapidly dissipating, so  no one other than my 8  yr old son and myself saw what I believed was something trying to manifest. Wishful thinking? Possibly. I did stare at it long enough to know this was not a trick of the eye. Certaintly it could have a logical explanation. I just don’t have an answer as to what it was.

I don’t know too much about caverns, but at one area near the back room of the cave, there was a strong sulphuric smell that my husband brought to my awareness. This was also the area where our pictures caught “mist” in one out of a dozen pictures taken back there. I know under ordinary conditions what that smell implies. But this was inside a cave, maybe that is very normal with all the minerals and elements.

There are 3 places inside the cave that “faces” actually seem to form from the rock shapes, and one outside on the cliff. In addition, there is a strange, anomaly on one light in one of our photo’s, that is 1 picture out of 4 taken of the same corridor of the cave with this odd transparent “blob”. We took video, but we didn’t have the right equipment, so 95% of it was so dark, we couldn’t use much in the youtube vid, but it is worth checking out.   

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVS_AArAAXI for our experience.

All I can say is I enjoyed my visit there.

A great story is the Bell Witch Legend. Please feel free to share any story you may have experienced there.

My Ouiga Board Experience

I now realize that the “haunted house” I lived in from ages 14-17 might have been haunted by my own device. However, as the story goes, the house had burned and 2 had died there. It was built back on the same foundation and many of the same bricks were used in the construction. So it is feasible to me that it was haunted. But now that I resume studying the paranormal, many years later, much has been discovered, and perhaps there is a logical explanation. Maybe it was me.

But, I didn’t know then what I do now. In fact, in an effort to determine what was haunting the place, a friend brought her Ouiga Board over.  Three of us teenage girls gathered around and asked a lot of questions. I still believe the owner of the board supplied the answers, as it all seemed to be very generic, about the fire, about the owner, “public knowledge” kind of stuff. The only thing the Ouiga Board spelled out that even made me uncomfortable was it told us to “get out!”. Several times it stated that. So we quit playing with it and she took it home.

Or, so we thought. She called me 2 days later and asked if I had the board.  I didn’t have it, I saw her take it with her when she left.  Our friend saw her take it. I invited them back to help me search the house since she was almost panic stricken about it, and the next day they came home with me after school and we searched everywhere. It was, in fact, under my bed. I did not put it there, though the evidence looked pretty incriminating.  Fortunately, she wasn’t angry or even accusatory, she was convinced we had a ghost and it had taken the board. Myself, I was convinced she  left it there to mess with me. In either event, no hard feelings.

Indeed, it seemed after the Ouiga Board experiment, our ghost(s) grew bolder. In time, my own mother decided we needed intervention. So she hired a Medium. (That is a story unto itself.)

The Medium indicated that there were 3 spirits haunting our place. 2 of which had lived there prior, and 1 who had been “invited”. I always felt guilty that maybe I had unintentionally invited it with the Ouiga Board, or even the witchcraft book I had in my room. The third spirit was a “dark” spirit, and very angry, and was actually not accepted by the other 2… This info from the Medium.  The 3rd spirit was also using the “portal” in one of our bedrooms to pass back and forth from our world to the after world, and could possibly bring others. The Medium attempted to close the portal that night, and cleanse our house of the spirits. But I never bought this idealology. There was never peace in that house. It was never quiet, it was never welcoming, it was never a real home. I was relieved when we moved. (Though this can be misleading, because even I sense that I had a fondness for  the place. )

The haunts didn’t follow us to our next residence. I’m not sure if it was inspired by me, or was haunted before/after my family came/left.  There are so many things that happened that  I simply do not have an explanation for. I will never have the answers. I may always be plagued with questions.  Until we used the Ouiga Board,  the noises and events in that house seemed non threatening. So it bothered me very much that the Ouiga told us to get out. But maybe, it was our resident spirits that told the new “darker” spirit to get out as it was entering through this portal the Ouiga Board may have created. That is just a thought that occurred to me much later, as I have tried most of my life to rationalize the happenings in that house.

Well, I did learn one very important thing. Do NOT play with Ouiga Boards. I think it IS possible to invite unwanted guests.

BTW: The house was dark paneling inside, always cold, and had a gloomy feel to it from the beginning. But after that night with my friends, there was a negative feeling within. A very depressing, negative aura. My friends loved that house. Many were afraid to enter. But just as many made a fuss about it and wanted to come inside. We had fun with it, but at the same time, it wasn’t a happy place to be. After we moved out I always wondered if anyone else who had lived there had any unexplained happenings of their own. But I never heard any more about it. One day I hope to go back and poke around and ask questions.