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It’s finally available! I have been talking about it for a long while. It took years to complete but it is available now. Titled Chasing Ghost Tales in Tennessee. Our experiences (or experiences of others) as we’ve researched some of Tennessee’s most haunted locations. Search for the title or my name – Author: Tammy J. Poore – online at Amazon, or buy through my e-store linked here https://www.createspace.com/3781502. You will read about: Tales and encounters from Knoxville, Caryville, Alcoa, Oak Ridge, Harriman and Chattanooga.  $10 for the book.


I want to share a link to my e-store. The Book mentioned in a previous blog post is almost ready for purchase. Check out the link. These accounts of supernatural, superstition and hauntings are based on true events in Tennessee, West Virginia and Kentucky.

My book is complete and almost ready to debut! Of course I am excited for the opportunity to share the ghost stories and legends passed down for generations with the public. My goal is to preserve a wonderful, light hearted tradition of weaving tales of supernatural and folklore, and real time hauntings. The 12 stories in my book are previously unpublished and capture a time of innocence, spanning the course of the past century. Seasoned with southern superstition and beliefs, I am confident readers will embrace the short tales. Each one is based on actual events, with names and places changed to protect the innocent. We have to realize that ghost stories, as with all stories passing through time, tend to get a little content added to, or taken away from the original tale. I believe these stories are protrayed as accurately as humanly possible, considering the subject matter. Growing up listening to ghost stories, and having lived in a house rumored to be haunted, may be the soul reasons I am enthused about paranormal research. I have to admit, I have thoroughly enjoyed researching haunted locations, sharing the experiences and creating a webpage: http://www.paranormalspectrum.com. I will soon announce the release of Ghost Tales & Superstitions of Southern Appalachian Mountains. Can’t wait to share it!

Ghost Stories.

I grew up listening to old fashioned southern ghost stories. It may explain my fascination with paranormal events. I have been writing a small collection of ghost stories for many months now. I can safely say that the ones I have written have not been published before, since most of the stories were handed down from family members, from the late eighteenth century through the early part of the twentieth century. Most of the stories are based on truth and the events either happened to a family member or one of their neighbors or friends, therefore I believe they are unlikley to have reached print. Not that I can find, anyway. I have researched Southern, and Appalachian ghost tales by visiting libraries and book stores, I feel comfortable that my short ghost stories are original. I am now facing a dilemma. I can submit the manuscript for publishing, but I wonder, should I self publish? I am mostly interested in sharing the book with family and friends, while offering it to the folks who visit my paranormal website. I am interested in becoming a published author, of course I am, but not yet. Although I have written most of my life, since second grade, I also had a 15 year writer’s block… or 15 years of working and raising a family. In other words, too busy, too tired, too drained from working 2 jobs most of the time and therefore I really did not have time, nor energy to write. Hence, I have become rather rusty. Regardless, I continue to write, it is most therapeutic for me. It is something I love, and the subject is very close to my heart, as I have been tracking ghost stories since August of 2009 locally, but most importantly, I have listened to ghost stories my entire life.

I am very excited that the website I have been working on is finally published. Though in it’s infancy, I am proud of the humble beginnings. My goal is to share with others with similar interests my experiences, investigations and stories surrounding the paranormal and spirtitual miracles that surround us. I am most interested in the Southeast USA, especially my home state of Tennessee and the stories and possible hauntings located therein. Now I can post my videos on YouTube and link to my website. So check it out http://www.paranormalspectrum.com
And thanks so much for taking an interest.

I don’t know too much about EVP’s, but I think I may have captured a “voice” in the cemetery I visited over a month ago. I made a youtube video about my visit, and I did a blog on wordpress, too, but I didn’t know then, that I had this possible EVP.

I omitted using this particular clip because my family was present and running/walking around, plus my youngest child ran “screaming” past the camera, so I didn’t give this particular clip more than a passing glance. But I was going through the clips the other day and heard this noise that sounded so much like an adult male voice, I had to pause and listen several times. Clearly, it is not my voice, nor that of my children, nor my husband, as he was walking away in the distance, and besides that, he didn’t say anything, nor does it sound like his voice, or his accent…we are from Tennessee, you know; and though I can’t really make out if this “voice’ is even saying anything intelligble, it doesn’t sound at all like any of us. And we were the only people present.

Naturally, the whole experience has increased my excitement that I might have caught a real EVP. I am planning on going back to this cemetery, historically rumored to be a site for paranormal activities, as an earlier blog describes. 

Check it out on youtube.