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I don’t know too much about EVP’s, but I think I may have captured a “voice” in the cemetery I visited over a month ago. I made a youtube video about my visit, and I did a blog on wordpress, too, but I didn’t know then, that I had this possible EVP.

I omitted using this particular clip because my family was present and running/walking around, plus my youngest child ran “screaming” past the camera, so I didn’t give this particular clip more than a passing glance. But I was going through the clips the other day and heard this noise that sounded so much like an adult male voice, I had to pause and listen several times. Clearly, it is not my voice, nor that of my children, nor my husband, as he was walking away in the distance, and besides that, he didn’t say anything, nor does it sound like his voice, or his accent…we are from Tennessee, you know; and though I can’t really make out if this “voice’ is even saying anything intelligble, it doesn’t sound at all like any of us. And we were the only people present.

Naturally, the whole experience has increased my excitement that I might have caught a real EVP. I am planning on going back to this cemetery, historically rumored to be a site for paranormal activities, as an earlier blog describes. 

Check it out on youtube. 


Haunted Copper Ridge Rd?

A Final Resting Place. Rumored to be haunted.

One of the most interesting things about East Tennessee may be the legends and folklore that accompany many houses, churches, streets and schools. There are many roads I have traveled, where I have seen glimpses of the “unexplained”, or sensed that there may be more there than just myself.  Without a doubt, some roads are eerie, even in daylight. At night, you better believe I would not want to break down on some of these roads. And it wouldn’t always be humans or wild animals that I would worry about.

Copper Ridge Rd., in Knox County, TN is one of them.  A narrow, winding road, with a lot of “blind” spots. It is a road that deserves respect, of that I am convinced.

Though I didn’t take footage of the road, I did visit the cemetery, which belonged to a church long since gone. If you don’t know the history, I will direct you to some of my favorite sites at the end of this blog, hopefully the links aren’t dead. (Pun intended.)

One thing I can’t determine, and am seeking an answer to; was the church/grounds cursed, blessed, or haunted? Is it possible it was all 3? Maybe that is why the church is gone. After all, there were documented miracles, documented blessings, and documented evil.

 I did experience something “abnormal” at the graveyard. Was it paranormal?  I am unsure. Upon entering the graveyard, I didn’t sense anything “special” right away. Don’t get me wrong. I like older graveyards; I enjoy looking at the stones. But since I wasn’t sure where the church had been, exactly, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The “video” portion of the cemetery tour is taken from my digital camera. I didn’t intend to do video that day, so I didn’t take a video camera. I only wanted the pictures. Many times I have caught things in pictures I didn’t actually notice in person. However, when I was taking pictures, there was one area of the cemetery that intrigued me. I kept seeing something “white” and misty in the camera, I would look beyond the camera and not see anything. I would snap the photo, but didn’t pick anything up. That is when I elected to use the motion part of the camera. It was a very windy day. (For the sanity of youtube viewers I muted most of that wind.) Suffice it to say; when I focused on this specific area, where I kept catching glimpses of “white”, the wind seemed to intensify. It was quiet spooky. Maybe mother nature was the only thing I captured, because I also noticed that the sun, directly behind me, kept casting diffused light “shadows” and such in that same area. I am not a photographer, I am not saying it was “supernatural”, I am acknowledging that it could have been a play of light.  But it wasn’t just the wind, or the light shadows. I had my family with me, and I firmly believe children sense and accept more than most adults will even willingly comprehend. My family toured the cemetery at their leisure and left me alone. It wasn’t until after we left that my daughter told me she had wanted to visit this one “area” of the graveyard, but she had a bad feeling, and wouldn’t go there. No surprise, that was my favorite area. The area where I thought I saw a “white”, “misty” shape at least a few times, the area where the wind intensified every time I lingered there.

I found charred remains of a building, not sure if it was the church, or another out- building I read so much about, but it saddened me to think it could have been the church. Definitely, there had been vandalism, occult activities on those grounds in the latter days, and  reported animal sacrifices.

 I sensed many things, and not all were “good” feelings. So maybe that is why I awoke around 2:00 am the next morning, with a strong smell of burning wood, and alarming my poor husband, crying out that “something was burning”. He thought I was having a nightmare.  I couldn’t recall a dream. We did check our home, everything was fine. But I definitely continued to smell the distinct aroma of “burning wood” for at least ten minutes after I awoke.

You know, I didn’t fall back to sleep very easily that night. Lately, so many “odd” things have been going on.  And I even thought to myself, “I am never doing this again.” The meaning behind that will surface as I continue to blog about the many other experiences I have had. But do you want to know the most unexplainable part of this story? A couple of days after the visit to Copper Ridge Rd., a day after I awoke to the smell of burning wood, my family and I were awakened by the fire alarms going off. Startled to say the least, we jumped up and checked things out. Our alarms are electrically wired, and the battery back up was recently changed in the Spring. The alarms all went off for just a minute, paused for a moment and did it again. Then they stopped, our house was fine, thank God, and we haven’t had any more alarms since.

Check out my Youtube video for scenes of my visit.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bi4PinLzf6o

A paranormal site to visit for more info on Copper Ridge Rd: http://www.johnnorrisbrown.com/paranormal-tn/copper-ridge-rd/index.htm

For more info on the blessings and miracles visit:  http://miracles.mcn.org/curidge.html