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Bell Witch Cave – Adams TN

I waited for months to finally see the legendary Bell Witch Cave. Was it worth the wait? The cave itself is worth the wait, and the drive, it took us 4 hours to get there. The story is great, if you want to check it here at this link,The Bell Witch: An American Haunting and yes I did buy the book. Back to our visit. Did I experience anything supernatural? Possibly. I put a video up on Youtube, so you can see the “mist”, and the faces that seem to come right out of the rock formations. We heard deep voices from within the cave at the beginning of the tour, I thought it might be from another tour, but they only run one through at a time. The cave is rather small, so there was no way anyone could have been at the back and get by our group to exit without us knowing. Also, my daughter looked up in one of the crevices  that lead to a second level, and thought she saw an old woman’s face. As for me, at the very end of the tour, as we came back to the room with the indian’s grave, I saw a hovering, spiraling mist, that wasn’t white, almost a muddy shade, and I watched as it swirled approx  1 1/2 ft off the ground, and was approx 3-4 ft tall. I thought at first it was a dust plume, but then realized this is a very wet cave, there was no dust, and furthermore it hovered and irrigated as I stared. As I reached out to tap my son and show him, it remained there for more than a solid 45 seconds, and he saw it, too. In my confidence that it was something indeed worthy of attention I announced, “What is that? Is it a mist?” And then called for the remaining group, as I averted my eyes to motion for  our group to look in that direction, I glanced back and it was rapidly dissipating, so  no one other than my 8  yr old son and myself saw what I believed was something trying to manifest. Wishful thinking? Possibly. I did stare at it long enough to know this was not a trick of the eye. Certaintly it could have a logical explanation. I just don’t have an answer as to what it was.

I don’t know too much about caverns, but at one area near the back room of the cave, there was a strong sulphuric smell that my husband brought to my awareness. This was also the area where our pictures caught “mist” in one out of a dozen pictures taken back there. I know under ordinary conditions what that smell implies. But this was inside a cave, maybe that is very normal with all the minerals and elements.

There are 3 places inside the cave that “faces” actually seem to form from the rock shapes, and one outside on the cliff. In addition, there is a strange, anomaly on one light in one of our photo’s, that is 1 picture out of 4 taken of the same corridor of the cave with this odd transparent “blob”. We took video, but we didn’t have the right equipment, so 95% of it was so dark, we couldn’t use much in the youtube vid, but it is worth checking out.   

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVS_AArAAXI for our experience.

All I can say is I enjoyed my visit there.

A great story is the Bell Witch Legend. Please feel free to share any story you may have experienced there.


My Story Follows this brief history:

Excerpt From Showcave.com “Cherokee Caverns is the most beautiful and historical cavern in Knox County, Tennessee. That is why it is generally called Historic Cherokee Caverns. All in all it also has a long history of name changes and as a show cave.”

1947 sold,  leased and renamed Atomic Caverns.

1950’s redeveloped and renamed Palace Caverns.

1960s Restaurant built above the cave, trail and lighting improved, cave renamed Caverns Of The Ridge.
1970 cave renamed Cherokee Firesite Ceremonial Caverns.
1970s name shortened to Cherokee Caverns.
OCT-1980  fire destroys the restaurant built over the entrance to the caverns, cave closed.

“It was in 1984 that I first visited this cave as a teenager. My boyfriend and I enjoyed visiting caves; not that we were “spelunkers”, by a far stretch of the imagination. I always have enjoyed the unknown, or anything mysterious, (and what is more mysterious than an underground world, having developed for millions of years?), and he liked caves, yet he did not “explore” them as a sport.

We had visited a few caves by the time we discovered Cherokee Caverns. At this point, a few years after the fire that destroyed the restaurant over the cave, the entry to the cave was open and not protected. Little did we know that the cave was a meeting place for a known motorcycle group during unspecified years in the 80’s, and also a meeting place for curious teenagers, (like us), but many who carelessly vandalized the place, or at the minimum, disturbed the activity in the cave. During the mid eighties, there was also quiet a bit of occult activity in Knox County, I am certain there is plenty of that today, as well.

On this Summer day, we hoped to check out the cavern, and cool down, as Summer in Knoxville, TN can be quiet humid.

There wasn’t another vehicle around, and we assumed we were the only ones there.

My boyfriend got out and started toward the entrance, and I lingered in the car, probably putting my purse in a concealed spot, can’t really recall what caused the minute delay between my exit from the car and his. But when I got out, he was at the mouth of the cave, and I heard a “rustling” noise behind me. Which would have came from some trees and bushes. I glanced over my shoulder and didn’t see anyone, but I heard a buzzing noise, and looked toward that sound, to my right, and was shocked to see a bloody, checkered, discarded shirt with flies swarming it. This was alarming, but not nearly as alarming as my next discovery. I looked around me, and there was a large pile of intestines, (animal guts) dead center in front of me, maybe 15 feet from my person, also covered with flies.  Then, to my left, and on the other side of the car, there was the carcass. Skinned, so I haven’t a clue what it had been. Large enough for a deer. No head, no hooves, and gutted, split right down the center. And fresh… no smell or odor of decay, though flies were having a field day on all of these remains.

The rustling in the trees and bushes prompted me to literally scream for my boyfriend, especially after seeing these remains of a large animal. I startled him so badly, he wasn’t sure what to expect, but he ran back to me and was just as alarmed.

Needless to say, I did not want to hang around, or go inside the cave, all interest was lost.

I am unsure what happened at the cave that day; if we were in fact the only ones there; or if it had anything to do with an occult activity; or if a hunter had left the remains of his kill there for whatever reason. All I can say is, the very next week, the driveway off of  Oak Ridge Hwy was  barred off from further trespassing, and it has pretty much remained that way since, except for public events which are held in interest of preserving the cave.

Interestingly enough, our guide for the tour we recently took, explained that the cave had been used for wild parties, and “worse”, in the 1980’s and was heavily vandalized; there is a 30 caliber bullet hole, shown in my youtube video, plus damage to some “mud volcano” from motorcycle rides in the cave.  

I don’t think my particular experience had anything to do with the motorcycle gang. I do feel it had to do with some mischief, and I have a greater feeling it was more occult than dressing a deer, but my reasoning for that is because my boyfriend confided in me that he thought he saw a “skull” or “animal head” mounted just inside the cave. Just as his flashlight picked up something,  I screamed and he turned out of the entrance of the cave.

Too bad I waited 25 years to return to the cave. It is a very active cave, with so many interesting formations. I took a lot of pictures, and they turned out nice, Not only that, I was surprised again, in 2009, with some of the photo’s showing “orbs” and an unexplainable “image” that you’ll have to see the video to understand it. I know, “orbs” in moist or dirty environments aren’t so great. But what if you saw it before the photo was taken and so I took several of the same subject to see….”

I encourage you to visit Cherokee Caverns any time the cave is open to the public, or if you have a large group for a private tour. Google Cherokee Caverns TN for the direct website.

Hope you enjoy my youtube slideshow.