Simply because I am interested in all things mysterious, un-explainable, and paranormal; I invite yoThe Beauty & Contrast Of Natureu to share an experience with me. I hope one day to gather enough readers of this blog, that people will return here often for updates.

It doesn’t have to be haunting, though I enjoy that very much. Also, a spiritual experience is such a wonderful story to share. Whatever moves you. Just please do me one favor, keep it clean. I never want to offend anyone who may read this blog.

And it may be that no one ever shares a story. The invitation is still here. I have many of my own to share.

I will share them over time. Some recent ones have been explained in this blog and shared with photo/videos on youtube.  If you want to link to a media content that is yours, feel free. Pictures and videos really explain a lot in less time than words.

Besides, I can be so lengthy with blogs and emails and posts, I will try to keep it shorter.

Thanks and I hope to generate some interest here.