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Revived, and alive! I am back! I have had writer’s block and lived in a funk since 2011 when life literally fell to pieces for me.
The pieces no longer fit into that puzzle.
It’s a new portrait. Different dimensions. Different depths. Different realities. And the puzzle is evolving.
Let’s start putting puzzle pieces together! 2016 is a new year. A new chapter.
Welcome. and Thanks! Thanks for everything – Tama Poore


Communicating With Spirits:

This is another controversial topic.
Q. Can we communicate with spirits?
A. If the answer is Yes, then the question becomes:
Q. Should We Communicate with Spirits?
A. Now the answer will depend on who you’re asking.
Q. How do we communicate with spirits?
A. It seems spirits have been communicating with the living long before our time sometimes without the living even trying. And in some cases, we among the living have attempted to communicate with them by using seances, ouiga boards, divining tools and even hypnotism.
Q. Is it safe to communicate with the dead?
A. In my opinion, that answer can be both yes & no. A lot will depend on your religion & personal comfort level pertaining to life & death. The consequences far out number the possibilities of what can happen when the living attempt communication, & without question negative results may ensue, hence this is a very individualized answer.
But for sake of what WE DO at Paranormal Spectrum we feel that the digital voice recorder, the EMF detector, and video camera are great devices to use, allowing us access to communicate with spirits. For some of us on a personal level, we attempt communicating with non scientific tools as well.
However, this part of the website comes with a warning.
Proceed with caution when entering any supposed haunted location.
On a physical level, and a spiritual level, there are consequences.

The ORB Debate:

This is a touchy subject. Be prepared to get into a heated debate when you embark on this subject. I, for one, feel it would be silly to completely dismiss “orbs” when regarding the paranormal.
As defined in Merriam Webster Dictionary: an orb is
1 : any of the concentric spheres in old astronomy surrounding the earth and carrying the celestial bodies in their revolutions.
2: archaic : something circular : circle, orbit
3 : a spherical body; especially : a spherical celestial object.

It is the “celestial object” or “spherical body” that many people believe some orbs represent. We have three videos where we challenge the “orb debate” against “insects”, against “moisture” & “dust”. To see our results visit our Video Page on
Skeptics say that “orbs” or “spherical objects” in pictures and/or video are “dust particles, insects, moisture droplets, lens flares”. The list goes on and on. Most of the time orbs can be identified this way. Yet many people who have been affected by ghostly activity can attest to the fact that in many instances orbs, globular lights or ghost lights have been present. Until we have definite answers we will continue to explore. Most of our team members try to identify what caused an “orb” in our pictures & videos. We do not dismiss all “orbs”.
The suggestion that “orbs” are small balls of energy from spirits trying to manifest or when spirit energy is nearby needs to be researched more thoroughly. The “orb” itself may not be the spiritual body of a ghost, it may result from the energy surrounding it. “Orbs” can be photographed in many different shapes & colors. In fact, these patterns & colors can help identify false anomalies.
Remember: Orb shapes can result from pollen, bugs, rain, dust & reflective objects. The burden of correctly identifying them is upon the paranormal investigator. Dust & pollen are present everywhere. Even in the most dusty environments “orbs” are not captured consistently, therefore why do we only capture orbs sometimes even though dust & pollen are present at all times?
When an orb is dust or pollen you will usually have a lot of flat, pale gray orbs in your pictures. Pale gray is usually the color of dust orbs. Usually infrared doesn’t capture dust orbs & many believe that the higher resolution cameras produce fewer false orbs. Also, orbs produced from pollen usually have 3 or more points on a round shape.
Moisture orbs are usually solid in appearance & seem to have a “sudsy” or “rainbow” effect around the edges. Investigators value our equipment & avoid getting it wet unless it’s water proof, but after the rain or in moist enviroment we must be aware that moisture droplets can create false orbs. The key is to learn to identify moisture orbs.
Insect Orbs are the easiest to identify in my opinion. They are almost always intensely bright and always misshapen. You can easily zoom upon the orb & see wings, antenna or even legs sprouting from the shape.
When is an orb a paranormal phenomenon?
The fact is, our research suggests that spirits may indeed manifest as brief glimpses of light & sometimes orbs appear near spirit activity. To be conclusive, other paranormal phenomenon should be present to substantiate the claim that an orb was produced from a spirit or ghost. At the same time all environmental factors need to be identified & considered. Are all the orbs in photographs proof that spirits exist? Are all orbs created from environmental debris & lens flares? The answers to both questions is a profound NO.

Moon Phases: Could moon phases help with our desire to seek spiritual connections?
The Moon is thought to have considerable effect on life especially as it relates to humans. It is also thought to effect paranormal activity. That may seem like a supernatural idea or mysticism, yet it may be more scientific then you think. Considering our bodies are largely made up of water, the idea isn’t so far fetched. We can see the Lunar Effects on the Tides here on Earth and how powerful they are; could there be such influences on the spiritual level? This is an area we would like to explore.
One such book that may shed some light on this topic:
Phases of the Moon (Patterns in Nature series) We will have more input and future articles on this subject as we test the possibility and how/if the moon has any effect on our research into the paranormal.

Abraham Lincoln: Our 16th president was self educated. He was a prophetic man who believed strongly in the spirit world. His life would be wrought with much death and tragedy which would indeed make a man very reflective about what awaits us after death. His ability to know things that others would deem nonsense can be appreciated by those who have this skill themselves. One example would come after Lincoln received the victorious news of winning the presidential election; Lincoln had a vision where he saw his reflection in the mirror and his face appeared to have two distinct images, one face was slightly higher than the other and one face was much paler, the shade of death. He mentioned this to his wife who never saw it for herself but did believe her husband and believed she understood the meaning of the visualization: The healthy face was her husband’s real face and would mean he would serve the first term of his presidency. The second face, an ashen shade indicating death, would mean he would be elected a second term but would not live to fulfill it.
There were many prophetic parallels in Lincoln’s life that have been documented and speculated and disputed, there were even the rumors of séances in the white house. It is worth noting that many spiritualists stayed there during his term and even warned him about the darkness that seemed to follow him . The fact that all of Lincoln’s sons died young attests to the dark cloud that loomed over his and Mary’s life. After the death of Willie, Lincoln was known to speak of his son’s spirit visiting him in his home and office. It seems after Willie’s death that even Mary could no longer deal with so much death it was the beginning of the time that she turned publicly to spiritualists and would not enter the White House guest room where Willie died or the viewing room where his funeral was held. This is also the time when people became concerned with her mental instability as she was prone to headaches and mood swings and sudden angry outbursts. Eventually after the death of her husband Mary would become institutionalized.
If anyone could discount the many rumors and speculations of Lincoln’s fascination with the spirit world how could they ever ignore the foreboding dream Lincoln recounted shortly before his assassination? The fact is, Lincoln dreamt he was in his bedroom aware of a peculiar death like stillness. The silence was broken by subdued sobs and then he heard a number or people were weeping loudly. Lincoln left his bedroom and wandered from room to room, looking for the mourners but there was no one to account for the growing sobs of distress. Determined to find the people who wept openly he finally made it to the East Room where he saw what appeared to be a funeral with guards surrounding the corpse and mourners shuffling by, some gazing at the body while others covered their faces and wept. That’s when Lincoln inquired of one of the soldiers, “Who is dead at the White House?” The soldier answered rigidly, “It is the president. He was killed by an assassin.” Lincoln was naturally troubled by his dream. A few days later Lincoln was shot and killed and his body would be displayed in the East Room of the White House.
There are many interesting stories about this fascinating and upstanding man who made such a change in our lives. He is but one renowned person who has walked through this life and made a difference while recognizing that we are not alone spiritually. He is recognized by us at Paranormal Spectrum as a Spiritual Man of Importance. This article will also be featured on our main website. Created by: Tama Poore – Founder of Paranormal

As many know who visit my blogs and websites – Red Ash Coal Towers & Cemetery hosts many paranormal legends. I would contend that most of the legends are urban sprawl and very little truth remains intact from earlier days. When I first started researching the paranormal there was very little info on Red Ash. I like to think my first video and blogs added to the notoriety of the place. Back then we could research the area with little traffic to impede our progress, now there is so much traffic with curious people dropping in that the past 4 investigations have been interrupted multiple times. The one thing that worries me is that since Halloween night someone broke one of the oldest headstones – the one belonging to Robert Jones – the one in the gated grave. This was one of the best parts of the legends; his grave site has a wonderful tale attached. Who would be so disrespectful? We were there Halloween night with a large number of people and the headstone was okay. We returned November 6th and it was broken. But each time we were there rowdy groups of people came along and just barged in upon our research, and once we saw teenagers climb inside the wrought iron surrounding this grave to challenge the legend of protective guardians. Obviously, there weren’t any guardians there to protect the grave site. Sometimes we have to use common sense. Ghosts and spirits are not humanly or earthly, if they exist at all. They can NOT harm the living. If they exist. They barely can let us know they’re here. If they exist. And even though I believe in spirits, and research paranormal phenomena I never do buy into the farfetched stories of some of these locations, I simply enjoy them for what they are. They are stories. Even if something did happen to someone, or even to myself, (and things have happened) I wouldn’t damage or destroy the site I was visiting. I would never intentionally bring harm to any place, and that is what I am concerned about. Have I unknowingly contributed to the defacing and destruction of this cemetery by sharing our research of reputed haunted places with the public? Should we paranormal investigators NOT disclose the locations of the sites we research? Actually, we shouldn’t share the blame for their ignorance and lack of respect- those who knowingly damage and destroy property -Those people, whomever and wherever they are, must stand responsible for their own actions & behavior & should face the consequences of their actions when caught. And hopefully, like The Bell Witch Cave and the legend that if someone takes a rock from there bad luck with be bestowed upon them, hopefully at Red Ash and other sacred sites (sacred meaning any place from our past which will offer historic promise & value to our future & current generations) any place where human beings are buried, as far as that goes any place that you don’t own and have no rights to even disturb, hopefully those who do bad things on these sites will have a heaping dose of bad luck. Ever heard of the word Karma? Thank goodness for it, as I am constantly reminded that without it, fools would go on being thorns in the side of life, embedding deeper and deeper until it festers and discharges the runny remains of what once was a thorn. There is a parable in that sentence. I apologize for the soap box rant, but I am seriously upset as I see more and more disturbance of other’s property. I have seen where people have destroyed and stolen from churches, even. I wonder about these morons. I also pity them. And for the people who may say rude things about what I do, as a writer and researcher of ghostly stories & legends- it is fine by me that you have your opinion, but I do NOT and will NOT ever bring harm to any place I visit and I stand by what I do proudly. I am not asking anyone else to believe in what I believe. I have an open mind but I keep this in perspective. Most local ghost stories are pure entertainment, and it is those that lose focus who think otherwise.
Spirits are like spirituality – unique to the person experiencing it. I enjoy searching for spirits… but I do NOT enjoy seeing the devastation left behind by those who do not care.

Spirit Orbs

I know there is a huge debate about orbs in pictures and video. But we have experienced floating orbs in a couple of different reputed haunted locations that seemingly respond to our questioning. We did “dust” and “moisture” and “insect tests” to try to duplicate the phenomena and have been unable to replicate it exactly. We truly feel we have “spirit” orbs in a couple of upcoming videos. We post the link here soon.

For years, horrible rumors have circulated about Lakeshore Mental Asylum. The original building burned in the 1920’s. It was here that many atrocities are said to have taken place, including shocking abuse of patients. A newer facility exists today, which is the subject of our photos. However, there are dozens of tales of sadistic workers beating and abusing patients on into the 1960’s. This would have to involve the present day facility in that case. Tales circulate that you can still hear the screams of abused patients as they were beaten, and there are sounds of chains and shackles being thrown around, there is even the legend of an evil entity that resides there today. I am assuming it lives in/around the old building. Like so many abandoned or ruined buildings, the original structure’s burned remains were used for satanic rituals. That is my reasoning as to why it must mean the old structure. We didn’t feel any presence, or sense anything “menacing” the day we looked for the original structure. However, as our pictures depict, there was an ominous thunder cloud that hovered in the atmosphere as we found a location where a building of unknown origin once stood, and it is there that the presence of the approaching storm makes for a very “eerie” picture. The clouds moved away, and it never so much as rained. Most interesting though, of the new mental facility, there is a shape in the lower left corner, a hovering, white shape with some translucency, that I didn’t find until I thoroughly went through our pictures. I don’t have an answer for this shape. *(Until now. This portion of the blog has been updated as an employee informed me the “white shape” is the reflection of a dry erase board on the opposing wall. Thanks for helping us clarify the image. )
I really want to find the burned remains of the old structure. Problem is, so many different reports of the location. A side note: There was an underground movie made about these events entitled Saint Lucifer’s. You can see a video and more pictures on my website

It was by accident that I found out about a castle, a work in progress, built by one man of great faith and little money. In July 2009, my family and I went to Blount County to see the Millennium Manor. Afterwards, we ate at a pizza place on Alcoa Highway, and our waitress saw the flier I had with me from the Manor. She inquired if we were house hunting. I explained no, and mentioned The Stone House, which ignited a conversation. By the time we left, she had piqued my interest about a lone man, now in his 60’s, living in Greenback, building a castle in honor of “The Big Guy”, using donated scraps and handmade brick. At first he didn’t know why he was building the perimeter to a structure that now has divine importance. He began his work in 1992 after the unexpected death of his brother. Not knowing why he spent each day coming home from work, digging on the foundation to what would later become approx., 30+ rooms, 100+ walls, dozens of concrete crosses, bejeweled and spectacular to most anyone who observes it. Each room has a theme, from the greatness of “The Throne”, to the “Room of Evil.”
I will have to say, when I found the castle, it was very much unlike the image I had created in my mind. The waitress had mentioned that “faces and images could be seen” in the walls. I was imagining a church type structure. The castle truly evokes many complex feelings, all at once, which can almost be overwelming. It turns out, the images and faces are messages the builder can only interpret, and I understand that he is the only one who has seen them. He believes they are messages from “God.” I believe in his faith, because countless hours, sweat and effort have been attributed to this project, which seems to have no end. My pictures are only a brief glimpse into the magnitude of this structure. I have a couple of links to share if the story intrigues you as much as it did me. You can look at all of the pictures of The Greenback visit on my facebook page. I hope you enjoy the YouTube video I put together.

For more info on The Greenback castle:

And befriend me on FaceBook. There you can see more pictures.

Bell Witch Cave – Adams TN

I waited for months to finally see the legendary Bell Witch Cave. Was it worth the wait? The cave itself is worth the wait, and the drive, it took us 4 hours to get there. The story is great, if you want to check it here at this link,The Bell Witch: An American Haunting and yes I did buy the book. Back to our visit. Did I experience anything supernatural? Possibly. I put a video up on Youtube, so you can see the “mist”, and the faces that seem to come right out of the rock formations. We heard deep voices from within the cave at the beginning of the tour, I thought it might be from another tour, but they only run one through at a time. The cave is rather small, so there was no way anyone could have been at the back and get by our group to exit without us knowing. Also, my daughter looked up in one of the crevices  that lead to a second level, and thought she saw an old woman’s face. As for me, at the very end of the tour, as we came back to the room with the indian’s grave, I saw a hovering, spiraling mist, that wasn’t white, almost a muddy shade, and I watched as it swirled approx  1 1/2 ft off the ground, and was approx 3-4 ft tall. I thought at first it was a dust plume, but then realized this is a very wet cave, there was no dust, and furthermore it hovered and irrigated as I stared. As I reached out to tap my son and show him, it remained there for more than a solid 45 seconds, and he saw it, too. In my confidence that it was something indeed worthy of attention I announced, “What is that? Is it a mist?” And then called for the remaining group, as I averted my eyes to motion for  our group to look in that direction, I glanced back and it was rapidly dissipating, so  no one other than my 8  yr old son and myself saw what I believed was something trying to manifest. Wishful thinking? Possibly. I did stare at it long enough to know this was not a trick of the eye. Certaintly it could have a logical explanation. I just don’t have an answer as to what it was.

I don’t know too much about caverns, but at one area near the back room of the cave, there was a strong sulphuric smell that my husband brought to my awareness. This was also the area where our pictures caught “mist” in one out of a dozen pictures taken back there. I know under ordinary conditions what that smell implies. But this was inside a cave, maybe that is very normal with all the minerals and elements.

There are 3 places inside the cave that “faces” actually seem to form from the rock shapes, and one outside on the cliff. In addition, there is a strange, anomaly on one light in one of our photo’s, that is 1 picture out of 4 taken of the same corridor of the cave with this odd transparent “blob”. We took video, but we didn’t have the right equipment, so 95% of it was so dark, we couldn’t use much in the youtube vid, but it is worth checking out. for our experience.

All I can say is I enjoyed my visit there.

A great story is the Bell Witch Legend. Please feel free to share any story you may have experienced there.