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It’s finally available! I have been talking about it for a long while. It took years to complete but it is available now. Titled Chasing Ghost Tales in Tennessee. Our experiences (or experiences of others) as we’ve researched some of Tennessee’s most haunted locations. Search for the title or my name – Author: Tammy J. Poore – online at Amazon, or buy through my e-store linked here You will read about: Tales and encounters from Knoxville, Caryville, Alcoa, Oak Ridge, Harriman and Chattanooga.  $10 for the book.


Communicating With Spirits:

This is another controversial topic.
Q. Can we communicate with spirits?
A. If the answer is Yes, then the question becomes:
Q. Should We Communicate with Spirits?
A. Now the answer will depend on who you’re asking.
Q. How do we communicate with spirits?
A. It seems spirits have been communicating with the living long before our time sometimes without the living even trying. And in some cases, we among the living have attempted to communicate with them by using seances, ouiga boards, divining tools and even hypnotism.
Q. Is it safe to communicate with the dead?
A. In my opinion, that answer can be both yes & no. A lot will depend on your religion & personal comfort level pertaining to life & death. The consequences far out number the possibilities of what can happen when the living attempt communication, & without question negative results may ensue, hence this is a very individualized answer.
But for sake of what WE DO at Paranormal Spectrum we feel that the digital voice recorder, the EMF detector, and video camera are great devices to use, allowing us access to communicate with spirits. For some of us on a personal level, we attempt communicating with non scientific tools as well.
However, this part of the website comes with a warning.
Proceed with caution when entering any supposed haunted location.
On a physical level, and a spiritual level, there are consequences.

Visit our main site
What To Expect from Our Investigation:

1. You will complete a questionnaire which will be confidential.
2. We may do a preliminary walk-thru prior to investigating- to determine urgency & plan our itinerary. This could last 1 hour +/-.
3. We’ll schedule the investigation to accomodate your schedule & ours. The questionnaire you complete helps us identify the time of day/night that would best suit the situation.
4. Most investigations require 3-4 hours. We can accomodate up to a 6 hour investigation if needed.
5. We all sign a liability waiver including the owner/resident/ contact person; each person is liable for their own actions & risk. We sign a confidentiality form prior to the investigation.
6. We request that no children be present. We would never want to alarm a child.
7. We also request that only the person(s) who owns the house (or has authority to allow us to investigate) be present at the time of our investigation. Please do not invite guests. Too many people will impede our efforts to help determine the level of a haunting. We understand you may be excited & want friends or family members to see what happens, when we return to share the evidence with you that would be a better time for your guests, friends & family to see what we’ve found.
8. Our investigations are mostly quiet & low key. How can we hear or see something faint & quick with too much distraction? If you plan to be present while we investigate please stay calm & quiet.
9. We do take photographs, audio & video recordings. We will keep your identity & location confidential (some businesses may want the exposure.) We respect your right to privacy.
10. We may use some of your evidence in a public forum only with permission & only the name of the city & state will be used. We will not use identifying pictures or video unless you request it.
11. We do NOT use Ouija boards, but we DO speak out to the spirit world.
12. We do not go into an investigation with a bad or negative attitude nor do we provoke any spirits. We respect you, your home & any residing spirits that may linger.
13. We can not get rid of demons. You will need clergy for that. We should be able to identify the level of activity from your questionnaire. If you have a demonic entity when we arrive we will get a feeling for the negative presence & will NOT proceed to investigate, we will refer you to proper help.
Remember: a negative atmosphere attracts negative energies, you have much control over your environment. We all do.
14. Each member of our group says a prayer of protection prior to & after an investigation. We strive to bring positive energy with us. We want your experience with us to be positive, too.
15. We will return to your location to share the evidence. within 4 weeks +/- . You will receive a CD or DVD (you choose the format) with pictures/video and/or EVP’s that we deem to be evidence or that readily explains the phenomena we captured. This would be a good time to invite guests if you want to share this experience.
Note: Reviewing evidence can take hours/days or weeks. This depends on our caseload & the level of paranormal activity at your location. We may return within 7-10 days, but please allow 4 weeks. We will contact you to schedule a time to return with your evidence & give you a CD or DVD to keep.

This old debilitated tuberculosis hospital is touted as one of the most haunted locations in the South. Almost every paranormal enthusiast has visited-or plans to visit Waverly Hills in Louisville, KY. We at Paranormal are no different.
Practically obscured by trees, sitting majestically atop a hill now surrounded by distant housing new development, it encompasses approx 29 acres. With more than 6,000 documented deaths, if this place “isn’t haunted – no place is.” Fenced & surveyed by cameras it is nearly impossible to get inside without permission. So don’t attempt it. Besides, we were told that one group who entered that way has an amazing story of their own to tell as they tried to chop through a metal door to escape the haunting inside. One of our photographs on our main website shows the axe marks. We have details on the stories inside the old hospital on our Haunted Places page at
The legendary “body chute” is a sight to behold, more than 500 ft of descent into the ground where bodies where whisked away so the patients couldn’t see the corpses, leaving at the rate of 1 body per hour.
Then of course there’s Room 502 where a pregnant nurse hung herself. Our guide explained that this area of the building has the ability to bring on feelings of depression,complete with thoughts of suicide. One of our members was “touched” by phantom fingers near the doorway to 502.
But our favorite floor was the 4th floor, where shadow people and an evil entity threaten to leave a lasting impression that spirits do exist. One tour guide says he was attacked by enseen forces on this floor.
Lastly, we were charmed by the spirit of a young child known as “Timmy”, who likes to play ball or hide and seek. In one of our pictures there seems to be a child on a ledge, could it be Timmy? In the photo can you see the shape of a kneeling child? (Thank you Debbie, for taking this amazing photo. You captured a lot if interesting images.) See Debbie’s photo album on the Photo Gallery page of our main website.
Current owners of the sanatorium graciously offer tours for all budgets. We enjoyed our tour, even though we have a few complaints such as they intro felt like a circus show and was purely intended to instill fright, the whole tour could be improved upon.
We had several experiences at Waverly Hills, so visit our main webiste and see the Haunted Places page.

Can’t get enough of Waverly Hills Sanatorium? Why not check out this DVD which gets great customer reviews. Goes beyond the boring documentaries. Spooked The Ghosts Of Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Moon Phases: Could moon phases help with our desire to seek spiritual connections?
The Moon is thought to have considerable effect on life especially as it relates to humans. It is also thought to effect paranormal activity. That may seem like a supernatural idea or mysticism, yet it may be more scientific then you think. Considering our bodies are largely made up of water, the idea isn’t so far fetched. We can see the Lunar Effects on the Tides here on Earth and how powerful they are; could there be such influences on the spiritual level? This is an area we would like to explore.
One such book that may shed some light on this topic:
Phases of the Moon (Patterns in Nature series) We will have more input and future articles on this subject as we test the possibility and how/if the moon has any effect on our research into the paranormal.

Haunted Tennssee Hotel!
The Read House Hotel – Chattanooga, TN
Room 311

We spent the night in infamous room 311 in 2009, at The Read House Hotel, Sheraton Inn, Chattanooga, TN. The visit there may have been the inspiration for this website. It is said that guests have left in the middle of the night upon being disturbed by a female ghost. Was it the prostitute killed in the bathroom, practically beheaded by a civil war soldier in the late 1800’s? Or could it be Analise Wetterly? Brought to the room in the late 30’s by a gentleman friend who broke her heart after claims of an affair? Did Analisa take her own life in that same room or was she murdered? There is much history and death surrounding this great hotel; it was once used as a hospital for wounded soldiers, so there is a definite possibility that some guests have checked in, but never checked out.
Part of the original structure burned and has been rebuilt. Paranormal enthusiasts know that even fire can’t rid a location of its permanent residents. We have prepared a video, and many pictures that revealed mysterious images in mirrors and one possible EVP which can be found on our main website It is our belief that there are several spirits residing in the old part of this hotel.

As many know who visit my blogs and websites – Red Ash Coal Towers & Cemetery hosts many paranormal legends. I would contend that most of the legends are urban sprawl and very little truth remains intact from earlier days. When I first started researching the paranormal there was very little info on Red Ash. I like to think my first video and blogs added to the notoriety of the place. Back then we could research the area with little traffic to impede our progress, now there is so much traffic with curious people dropping in that the past 4 investigations have been interrupted multiple times. The one thing that worries me is that since Halloween night someone broke one of the oldest headstones – the one belonging to Robert Jones – the one in the gated grave. This was one of the best parts of the legends; his grave site has a wonderful tale attached. Who would be so disrespectful? We were there Halloween night with a large number of people and the headstone was okay. We returned November 6th and it was broken. But each time we were there rowdy groups of people came along and just barged in upon our research, and once we saw teenagers climb inside the wrought iron surrounding this grave to challenge the legend of protective guardians. Obviously, there weren’t any guardians there to protect the grave site. Sometimes we have to use common sense. Ghosts and spirits are not humanly or earthly, if they exist at all. They can NOT harm the living. If they exist. They barely can let us know they’re here. If they exist. And even though I believe in spirits, and research paranormal phenomena I never do buy into the farfetched stories of some of these locations, I simply enjoy them for what they are. They are stories. Even if something did happen to someone, or even to myself, (and things have happened) I wouldn’t damage or destroy the site I was visiting. I would never intentionally bring harm to any place, and that is what I am concerned about. Have I unknowingly contributed to the defacing and destruction of this cemetery by sharing our research of reputed haunted places with the public? Should we paranormal investigators NOT disclose the locations of the sites we research? Actually, we shouldn’t share the blame for their ignorance and lack of respect- those who knowingly damage and destroy property -Those people, whomever and wherever they are, must stand responsible for their own actions & behavior & should face the consequences of their actions when caught. And hopefully, like The Bell Witch Cave and the legend that if someone takes a rock from there bad luck with be bestowed upon them, hopefully at Red Ash and other sacred sites (sacred meaning any place from our past which will offer historic promise & value to our future & current generations) any place where human beings are buried, as far as that goes any place that you don’t own and have no rights to even disturb, hopefully those who do bad things on these sites will have a heaping dose of bad luck. Ever heard of the word Karma? Thank goodness for it, as I am constantly reminded that without it, fools would go on being thorns in the side of life, embedding deeper and deeper until it festers and discharges the runny remains of what once was a thorn. There is a parable in that sentence. I apologize for the soap box rant, but I am seriously upset as I see more and more disturbance of other’s property. I have seen where people have destroyed and stolen from churches, even. I wonder about these morons. I also pity them. And for the people who may say rude things about what I do, as a writer and researcher of ghostly stories & legends- it is fine by me that you have your opinion, but I do NOT and will NOT ever bring harm to any place I visit and I stand by what I do proudly. I am not asking anyone else to believe in what I believe. I have an open mind but I keep this in perspective. Most local ghost stories are pure entertainment, and it is those that lose focus who think otherwise.
Spirits are like spirituality – unique to the person experiencing it. I enjoy searching for spirits… but I do NOT enjoy seeing the devastation left behind by those who do not care.

Meeting New Ghost Hunters in TN

My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed researching the paranormal. We have made many friends who have the same passion for wanting to know more about what happens after death; what if anything can spirits do – providing you believe that spirits do exist. Though we are paranormal researchers I am unsure if we are Ghost Hunters, (using the term generically, not as in the tv series) but we have met many interesting people and I guess the best way to describe the groups are active “ghost hunters”! We all have the same goal, to find out if there are spirits here, or if every mysterious encounter with a possible “ghost” can be rationally explained. Everyone I speak with in this field of research plainly states, “We’ve seen things we just can’t explain.”
Hmmmm. Even with the gadgets and tools that “science” accepts as instruments that may verify a paranormal happening, we still can’t explain some of the phenomena.
Join me and my husband and friends as we research Knoxville, TN and the surrounding counties to see if indeed ghosts do exist. Our website is
You may find yourself wondering if that bump in the night is your own little Casper.

Spirit Orbs

I know there is a huge debate about orbs in pictures and video. But we have experienced floating orbs in a couple of different reputed haunted locations that seemingly respond to our questioning. We did “dust” and “moisture” and “insect tests” to try to duplicate the phenomena and have been unable to replicate it exactly. We truly feel we have “spirit” orbs in a couple of upcoming videos. We post the link here soon.

Haunt in Red Ash seems to be getting quiet a few views, so I will link it here.