Letting Go

January 24th 2016 by Tama J Poore

It’s all about letting go. It’s often easier said than done.

If it’s bad for you, you need to let go. It may mean a life’s change, relocating, making new friends, and never seeing those you once knew. It’s not easy.

Who ever said it would be easy?

But the hard part isn’t moving on, it’s letting go. We are comprised of our memories, our feelings, and our thoughts. Our memories contain the fragments of our decomposing lives. The mistakes, the heartaches.

Why is it that the laughter is always what we least recall? And if we do recall the joy, it’s on the crest of misery because we can’t reach out and touch that same joy, or feel the fractals of love, of admiration, because we let go. Remember? We moved on. We don’t have that life anymore. It’s in the past.

The heavy weight of anguish drives us back down to that sore spot we loathe. Of feeling low, of being embarrassed by the choices we made. We will examine it. Do we want it? If we could go back, would we? Ask yourself: For those measured, rose- tinged moments, would you sacrifice who you want to be? Who you hope you will be? Ask this. Are those who you remember the way they once were? After all, have they sought your company? Maybe you weren’t so important to them, after all.

Crashes. Life’s crashes. Over and over again there will be life crashes. From the first baby steps when we fall on our padded bottoms; from the first skinned knees when the training wheels came off; to the first kiss that ultimately ended in heartbreak. It couldn’t last forever, you know?

Happiness can’t last forever. Nor can the misery. Nor can the all-consuming pain as betrayal reaches into the core of our soul, and stings our cheeks with color and leaves behind a hardened fossil of trust that will become more difficult to reach in the future. These are the first of life’s crashes. Sometimes they feel like a train wreck.

But we did let go. We turned loose of the table and furniture and took our first baby steps. Someone removed the training wheels and we took off, streamers sailing on the wind. We walked. We rode that bike. And we kissed our first crush. And we forgave our first traitor. And we allowed someone to soothe us, to comfort us, as we fought with trust all while relinquishing control. We let go of the safety net inside of us, invisible even to our own eyes and we moved on.

If we had never let go, we wouldn’t be here at this moment. And we surely wouldn’t see the next moments. The moments that will be filled with sweetness, laughter, pity, anxiety, anger, loathing, love, and filled with question and uncertainty.

Live in life’s moments, they form who we are. Store them in the deepest folders of your memory for future recall, but always, always let go. It’s not in our control, this thing called life. You may control this moment, but can you control all the seconds and minutes that build your lifetime? Would you want to?

It’s alright to just let go. When the time is right, simply let go. The hardest part of moving forward is always letting go.


The End