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What To Expect from Our Investigation:

1. You will complete a questionnaire which will be confidential.
2. We may do a preliminary walk-thru prior to investigating- to determine urgency & plan our itinerary. This could last 1 hour +/-.
3. We’ll schedule the investigation to accomodate your schedule & ours. The questionnaire you complete helps us identify the time of day/night that would best suit the situation.
4. Most investigations require 3-4 hours. We can accomodate up to a 6 hour investigation if needed.
5. We all sign a liability waiver including the owner/resident/ contact person; each person is liable for their own actions & risk. We sign a confidentiality form prior to the investigation.
6. We request that no children be present. We would never want to alarm a child.
7. We also request that only the person(s) who owns the house (or has authority to allow us to investigate) be present at the time of our investigation. Please do not invite guests. Too many people will impede our efforts to help determine the level of a haunting. We understand you may be excited & want friends or family members to see what happens, when we return to share the evidence with you that would be a better time for your guests, friends & family to see what we’ve found.
8. Our investigations are mostly quiet & low key. How can we hear or see something faint & quick with too much distraction? If you plan to be present while we investigate please stay calm & quiet.
9. We do take photographs, audio & video recordings. We will keep your identity & location confidential (some businesses may want the exposure.) We respect your right to privacy.
10. We may use some of your evidence in a public forum only with permission & only the name of the city & state will be used. We will not use identifying pictures or video unless you request it.
11. We do NOT use Ouija boards, but we DO speak out to the spirit world.
12. We do not go into an investigation with a bad or negative attitude nor do we provoke any spirits. We respect you, your home & any residing spirits that may linger.
13. We can not get rid of demons. You will need clergy for that. We should be able to identify the level of activity from your questionnaire. If you have a demonic entity when we arrive we will get a feeling for the negative presence & will NOT proceed to investigate, we will refer you to proper help.
Remember: a negative atmosphere attracts negative energies, you have much control over your environment. We all do.
14. Each member of our group says a prayer of protection prior to & after an investigation. We strive to bring positive energy with us. We want your experience with us to be positive, too.
15. We will return to your location to share the evidence. within 4 weeks +/- . You will receive a CD or DVD (you choose the format) with pictures/video and/or EVP’s that we deem to be evidence or that readily explains the phenomena we captured. This would be a good time to invite guests if you want to share this experience.
Note: Reviewing evidence can take hours/days or weeks. This depends on our caseload & the level of paranormal activity at your location. We may return within 7-10 days, but please allow 4 weeks. We will contact you to schedule a time to return with your evidence & give you a CD or DVD to keep.