Psychics & the Paranormal:
While we believe that most if not all people, have meta-senses, or sixth senses, the average person does not train themselves & learn to use these gifts. Many investigators of the spirit-world claim to have psychic abilities. It is up to the group or the individual to employ the use of psychics/mediums/sensitives. It also appears that as most investigators journey into this realm of study they attain a higher level of awareness, either unconsciously or deliberately. I see it happen a lot. There is a common theory that “psychic tendencies” increase during new & full moons. As a paranormal investigator – or as a group researching haunted places, your sensitivity to perceived paranormal phenomena may increase during peak geomagnetic times/moon phases.It would be worth testing the theory by re-visiting locations you are familiar with & compare the results, compare YOUR sensitivity to any paranormal event against the moon phases.