Haunted Tennssee Hotel!
The Read House Hotel – Chattanooga, TN
Room 311

We spent the night in infamous room 311 in 2009, at The Read House Hotel, Sheraton Inn, Chattanooga, TN. The visit there may have been the inspiration for this website. It is said that guests have left in the middle of the night upon being disturbed by a female ghost. Was it the prostitute killed in the bathroom, practically beheaded by a civil war soldier in the late 1800’s? Or could it be Analise Wetterly? Brought to the room in the late 30’s by a gentleman friend who broke her heart after claims of an affair? Did Analisa take her own life in that same room or was she murdered? There is much history and death surrounding this great hotel; it was once used as a hospital for wounded soldiers, so there is a definite possibility that some guests have checked in, but never checked out.
Part of the original structure burned and has been rebuilt. Paranormal enthusiasts know that even fire can’t rid a location of its permanent residents. We have prepared a video, and many pictures that revealed mysterious images in mirrors and one possible EVP which can be found on our main website http://www.paranormalspectrum.com. It is our belief that there are several spirits residing in the old part of this hotel.