Back on October 16, 2010 I did an interview with Craig Anderson of Our History Project. Tis the season – afterall, as we approach Halloween, to talk about ghosts. Considering that fact that I am an author of a book of short ghost tales and southern superstition, PLUS I am an avid paranormal researcher, is it any wonder that Craig and I spent more than half an hour discussing ghosts, urban legends, southern superstition as well as ghost hunting and the research involved in studying the paranormal? If you would like to have a listen, grab some popcorn, or a snack, pull up an easy chair and plug in to our audio interview. You can find it on, look for my name Tammy Poore, or my book’s title Ghost Tales & Superstitions of Southern Appalachian Mountains. Or, visit my paranormal website the interview will be available there as well.