My book is complete and almost ready to debut! Of course I am excited for the opportunity to share the ghost stories and legends passed down for generations with the public. My goal is to preserve a wonderful, light hearted tradition of weaving tales of supernatural and folklore, and real time hauntings. The 12 stories in my book are previously unpublished and capture a time of innocence, spanning the course of the past century. Seasoned with southern superstition and beliefs, I am confident readers will embrace the short tales. Each one is based on actual events, with names and places changed to protect the innocent. We have to realize that ghost stories, as with all stories passing through time, tend to get a little content added to, or taken away from the original tale. I believe these stories are protrayed as accurately as humanly possible, considering the subject matter. Growing up listening to ghost stories, and having lived in a house rumored to be haunted, may be the soul reasons I am enthused about paranormal research. I have to admit, I have thoroughly enjoyed researching haunted locations, sharing the experiences and creating a webpage: I will soon announce the release of Ghost Tales & Superstitions of Southern Appalachian Mountains. Can’t wait to share it!