We visited the Old Hotel site, popular in the 1920’s, located off of Bluff Mountain Rd in Sevierville, TN. Anyone who has ever driven that mountain road knows it is narrow and steep and can make you worry a little bit about your safety if another car is driving in the opposing direction. A quick note: We have driven to the top of the mountain road before it was paved, and that was a nerve racking experience. This location is rich with history. The old hotel is gone now, long since burned and removed. The bluffs were once used as a look out for the Continental army, as they watched the Indians travel the trade route. There was once a small post on this site, it too is gone, but do the spirits of the countless men who were slaughtered in their sleep still haunt this area? Many have reported seeing apparitions, hearing voices and feeling overcome with dread. Somewhere a few hundred feet off of one of the trails is an old graveyard, probably dates back to the early 1800’s or before, but we could not find it. Our video is posted on website http://www.paranormalspectrum.com look under the Investigations tab. You really will enjoy the majestic beauty of the overlook.