For years, horrible rumors have circulated about Lakeshore Mental Asylum. The original building burned in the 1920’s. It was here that many atrocities are said to have taken place, including shocking abuse of patients. A newer facility exists today, which is the subject of our photos. However, there are dozens of tales of sadistic workers beating and abusing patients on into the 1960’s. This would have to involve the present day facility in that case. Tales circulate that you can still hear the screams of abused patients as they were beaten, and there are sounds of chains and shackles being thrown around, there is even the legend of an evil entity that resides there today. I am assuming it lives in/around the old building. Like so many abandoned or ruined buildings, the original structure’s burned remains were used for satanic rituals. That is my reasoning as to why it must mean the old structure. We didn’t feel any presence, or sense anything “menacing” the day we looked for the original structure. However, as our pictures depict, there was an ominous thunder cloud that hovered in the atmosphere as we found a location where a building of unknown origin once stood, and it is there that the presence of the approaching storm makes for a very “eerie” picture. The clouds moved away, and it never so much as rained. Most interesting though, of the new mental facility, there is a shape in the lower left corner, a hovering, white shape with some translucency, that I didn’t find until I thoroughly went through our pictures. I don’t have an answer for this shape. *(Until now. This portion of the blog has been updated as an employee informed me the “white shape” is the reflection of a dry erase board on the opposing wall. Thanks for helping us clarify the image. )
I really want to find the burned remains of the old structure. Problem is, so many different reports of the location. A side note: There was an underground movie made about these events entitled Saint Lucifer’s. You can see a video and more pictures on my website