It was by accident that I found out about a castle, a work in progress, built by one man of great faith and little money. In July 2009, my family and I went to Blount County to see the Millennium Manor. Afterwards, we ate at a pizza place on Alcoa Highway, and our waitress saw the flier I had with me from the Manor. She inquired if we were house hunting. I explained no, and mentioned The Stone House, which ignited a conversation. By the time we left, she had piqued my interest about a lone man, now in his 60’s, living in Greenback, building a castle in honor of “The Big Guy”, using donated scraps and handmade brick. At first he didn’t know why he was building the perimeter to a structure that now has divine importance. He began his work in 1992 after the unexpected death of his brother. Not knowing why he spent each day coming home from work, digging on the foundation to what would later become approx., 30+ rooms, 100+ walls, dozens of concrete crosses, bejeweled and spectacular to most anyone who observes it. Each room has a theme, from the greatness of “The Throne”, to the “Room of Evil.”
I will have to say, when I found the castle, it was very much unlike the image I had created in my mind. The waitress had mentioned that “faces and images could be seen” in the walls. I was imagining a church type structure. The castle truly evokes many complex feelings, all at once, which can almost be overwelming. It turns out, the images and faces are messages the builder can only interpret, and I understand that he is the only one who has seen them. He believes they are messages from “God.” I believe in his faith, because countless hours, sweat and effort have been attributed to this project, which seems to have no end. My pictures are only a brief glimpse into the magnitude of this structure. I have a couple of links to share if the story intrigues you as much as it did me. You can look at all of the pictures of The Greenback visit on my facebook page. I hope you enjoy the YouTube video I put together.

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