What is this inhuman shape?

What is this inhuman shape?




Let me say this, that 8-10 mile stretch of road is scary in the dark. I tried at least 5 times to get out of the car and take video and pictures, and it sounded like  limbs were breaking, like someone was throwing sticks at the car as we drove, I also heard howling/moaning at one point,  just every kind of scary noise I could imagine. So needless to say, I wasn’t outside of the car much, except around the rail road tracks, which is just a cool spot, and the very tall train bridge is really a picture in itself, too bad those pics didn’t show up well. And that’s the other  thing. I had almost 45 minutes of video and due to lack of lighting, it was almost impossible to see anything. (Simply put, I need more/better equipment.)  However, I got some pretty cool stuff anyway. I was fascinated by a light orb at the train bridge. It was NOT a plane. I watched it while I snapped photo’s and it came out very clear so I was pleased with that. I saw a ton of orbs that appeared to be due to dust and moisture around the coal towers, so I dismissed those. But there is a very creepy sound in our video at the towers, so I used some of the video for my youtube presentation just for the sound effects.

Then, we caught a mysterious form on a picture in the woods. I can’t explain it, but it looks almost inhuman, and blends well with the foliage. So I zoomed in on it, brightened the photo and put it up for you to see. I also put a black and white version up at the very end of the video, and that is when the shape really stands out. (Oddly enough, this photo is 2666 on our camera. Don’t like that association.)

I have to say, there are so many mysterious things out there in Red Ash. I do not like being out there at night, but will probably return. I must visit that cemetery if I ever get the directions.  (My kids want to see the ghost train and the goat man, so we will return again.) I don’t believe in the goat man btw, but since the train tracks are open again, we heard a train that was parked on the tracks while  there.  Strange thing is, it never moved. But in one part of the video too dark to see anything, it sounds like a train in motion…

Also, at the end of the road, as we were exiting the ash, my husband thought he saw blue, hovering lights… I hadn’t told him I had read about those same lights on the net. I thought I saw one, just after he said that, but it was fast and transparent, it could have been my imagination.

I hope you enjoy the video I have shared.  If you have had a paranormal experience out there, or anywhere else for that matter, please share it.



For some references on the hauntings in Red Ash: