I now realize that the “haunted house” I lived in from ages 14-17 might have been haunted by my own device. However, as the story goes, the house had burned and 2 had died there. It was built back on the same foundation and many of the same bricks were used in the construction. So it is feasible to me that it was haunted. But now that I resume studying the paranormal, many years later, much has been discovered, and perhaps there is a logical explanation. Maybe it was me.

But, I didn’t know then what I do now. In fact, in an effort to determine what was haunting the place, a friend brought her Ouiga Board over.  Three of us teenage girls gathered around and asked a lot of questions. I still believe the owner of the board supplied the answers, as it all seemed to be very generic, about the fire, about the owner, “public knowledge” kind of stuff. The only thing the Ouiga Board spelled out that even made me uncomfortable was it told us to “get out!”. Several times it stated that. So we quit playing with it and she took it home.

Or, so we thought. She called me 2 days later and asked if I had the board.  I didn’t have it, I saw her take it with her when she left.  Our friend saw her take it. I invited them back to help me search the house since she was almost panic stricken about it, and the next day they came home with me after school and we searched everywhere. It was, in fact, under my bed. I did not put it there, though the evidence looked pretty incriminating.  Fortunately, she wasn’t angry or even accusatory, she was convinced we had a ghost and it had taken the board. Myself, I was convinced she  left it there to mess with me. In either event, no hard feelings.

Indeed, it seemed after the Ouiga Board experiment, our ghost(s) grew bolder. In time, my own mother decided we needed intervention. So she hired a Medium. (That is a story unto itself.)

The Medium indicated that there were 3 spirits haunting our place. 2 of which had lived there prior, and 1 who had been “invited”. I always felt guilty that maybe I had unintentionally invited it with the Ouiga Board, or even the witchcraft book I had in my room. The third spirit was a “dark” spirit, and very angry, and was actually not accepted by the other 2… This info from the Medium.  The 3rd spirit was also using the “portal” in one of our bedrooms to pass back and forth from our world to the after world, and could possibly bring others. The Medium attempted to close the portal that night, and cleanse our house of the spirits. But I never bought this idealology. There was never peace in that house. It was never quiet, it was never welcoming, it was never a real home. I was relieved when we moved. (Though this can be misleading, because even I sense that I had a fondness for  the place. )

The haunts didn’t follow us to our next residence. I’m not sure if it was inspired by me, or was haunted before/after my family came/left.  There are so many things that happened that  I simply do not have an explanation for. I will never have the answers. I may always be plagued with questions.  Until we used the Ouiga Board,  the noises and events in that house seemed non threatening. So it bothered me very much that the Ouiga told us to get out. But maybe, it was our resident spirits that told the new “darker” spirit to get out as it was entering through this portal the Ouiga Board may have created. That is just a thought that occurred to me much later, as I have tried most of my life to rationalize the happenings in that house.

Well, I did learn one very important thing. Do NOT play with Ouiga Boards. I think it IS possible to invite unwanted guests.

BTW: The house was dark paneling inside, always cold, and had a gloomy feel to it from the beginning. But after that night with my friends, there was a negative feeling within. A very depressing, negative aura. My friends loved that house. Many were afraid to enter. But just as many made a fuss about it and wanted to come inside. We had fun with it, but at the same time, it wasn’t a happy place to be. After we moved out I always wondered if anyone else who had lived there had any unexplained happenings of their own. But I never heard any more about it. One day I hope to go back and poke around and ask questions.