I don’t know too much about EVP’s, but I think I may have captured a “voice” in the cemetery I visited over a month ago. I made a youtube video about my visit, and I did a blog on wordpress, too, but I didn’t know then, that I had this possible EVP.

I omitted using this particular clip because my family was present and running/walking around, plus my youngest child ran “screaming” past the camera, so I didn’t give this particular clip more than a passing glance. But I was going through the clips the other day and heard this noise that sounded so much like an adult male voice, I had to pause and listen several times. Clearly, it is not my voice, nor that of my children, nor my husband, as he was walking away in the distance, and besides that, he didn’t say anything, nor does it sound like his voice, or his accent…we are from Tennessee, you know; and though I can’t really make out if this “voice’ is even saying anything intelligble, it doesn’t sound at all like any of us. And we were the only people present.

Naturally, the whole experience has increased my excitement that I might have caught a real EVP. I am planning on going back to this cemetery, historically rumored to be a site for paranormal activities, as an earlier blog describes. 

Check it out on youtube.