There is a reason I have searched out a place like this. For most of my life I have been aware that most people possess a “sixth” sense. I have been aware there is more to life than meets the eye… for an open mind, there is so much more. But for most of my life, I have been uncomfortable, and I have feared that which I have not understood. That which is not so easily explained. I have turned away from the deeper realm that life has to offer.

I needed a place to go, to journal my thoughts, and chronicle the events that have heightened my awareness.  A place where I could share with others, if I ever chose to share.

 What would I share? My visions of life, glimpes of time passages, and then, if I dare, I will also include the many events that I finally accept are beyond what many others experience.  Experiences that have brought me to this stage in life.

I love the life that God has granted me. Up to this point, it has been most interesting.   I am still unsure where I am suppose to go, but I place my fate in a higher entity, and it is left up to me to  enjoy the journey, and grasp what is offered.

Facing my fears, I forge on.  Not alone, never alone, even when by myself.